Kena Consulting provides a website creation package, Email Services for the office, home or traveller and information and assistance in connecting mobile phones and laptops to the Internet.

Email Services

  • Use any email client such as Outlook, Outlook Express or a Webmail
  • Full Virus Protection
  • Available Worldwide
  • 5 email addresses included

Website Creation and Hosting Package

  • Do you need a website for your business or project?
  • Do you want a solution with people who talk in simple straightforward language?
  • Do you want a fully managed facility where you have nothing to worry about?
  • Do you want a high quality, efficient, very reliable and complete service?
  • If you answer the questions above with a YES! Then it looks as of you are in the right place!

Mobile Internet

  • Use your mobile phone and laptop to connect to the Internet
  • Reduce your Internet costs
  • Enjoy close to Broadband speeds on your mobile
  • Talk on your mobile while connected to the Internet

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